About Us

Chance For A Real Change, LLC is located in Pleasantville, New Jersey and provides services to children and families in the South Jersey Area and Non-Custodial Parents living in different states throughout the United States. The Management team has over 40 years combined experience working with the Superior Court of New Jersey, DCP& P, and community resources.

Chance For A Real Change, LLC provides supervised visitation for sibling groups living in separate homes due to divorce/separation of parents, child custody, and adoption.  The goals are to maintain sibling contact and educate their parents/legal guardian the importance of maintaining sibling bonds.  

Chance For A Real Change, LLC provides supervised visitation and exchange services for parents and their children involved in high conflict separations/divorces.  Educational information is also provided to the custodial and non-custodial parent to enhance their ability to co-parent and communicate in a healthy manner. Supervised visitation services are available for the absentee parent.  For examples: parents who have been incarcerated. The goals are to provide a safe and neutral environment for children and their parents to develop, restore and maintain healthy bonds.

Certified Leaders facilitate weekly Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes.

Patricia Miles-Jackson

Executive Director / Founder