Our Vision

Change....A new direction for maintaining family connections while fostering healing, healthy interaction and strengthening family bonds.

Our Mission

To provide contact for sibling groups separated due to divorce, child custody, or adoption. To provide services to improve communication skills, restore relationships and reduce conflicts between parents.


Case management services, Supervise visits for sibling groups and court ordered parent/child visits, Facilitate visits for sibling groups and families, Work closely with Superior Court of New Jersey and parents. 


  • Improve sibling interaction

  • Improve parent/child interaction

  • Restore and maintain family bonds

  • Promote opportunity for exciting life-long memories

  • Create visitation and parenting plans that build on families strength

  • Preserve the relationship with sibling groups who have been separated

  • Reduce inter-parental conflict

  • Restore positive communication and interaction between absentee parents and their children




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